Our Cafe  (open Friday to Monday 10am to 5pm)

Welcome: Our philosophy is quite simple:

"What grows together goes together"

Enjoy the flavours of our region. The Great Southern: Mount Barker.



Small Bites:

Bread, olive oil & house made dukkah 5
Marinated olives with garlic & rosemary bread


Hassleback potatoes (3) with aioli (GF) 8
Crusty bread topped with caramalised onion, Porongorup Pure sheep cheese & strawberry sauce 10
Grilled calamari with chilli lime & aioli (GF) 12
Garlic & Rosemary bread with homemade chutney
Empanadilas (3) with romesco sauce (Half moon pastries/ask for today's filling) 12
Meatballs with cheesy onion sauce

The Main event

Spring lamb cutlets: 3 lamb cutlets with chimmichurri & green leaves (GF) 20
Stuffed bell capsicum: Beef, pork, onion, carrot, tomato & thyme ragout with garlic infused calrose rice, served with sauté mushrooms & greens (GF) 20

Salad Olivier with Mt Barker Chicken: a delicious salad of vegetables with house made mayonnaise (GF)


Spanish Tortilla: Take a bit of Spain and enjoy the flavours (GF). 1 for $12 or 2 for $22 22




Mixed greens salad with Herb Vinaigrette (V) (GF)

Tomato, feta, cucumber on herbed greens (V) (GF)  15


Affogato: A scoop of vanilla ice cream with expresso & a shot glass of liqueur  12
Two cheese plank: Brie, Cheddar, Blue, Labnah. You choose your two favourites and enjoy with crackers, fresh fruit, nuts and fruit paste.  18
Take a look at our daily specials board for seasonal delights.  
We proudly choose to brew with Naked Bean quality espresso coffee beans
For the little ones:
Fresh fruit platter  9
Spaghetti & meat balls 12
Chicken nuggets & salad 12
Daily Board Specials available